To Dye For

There once was a white dress

That I adored

But due to a staining black belt

I could wear it no more

Yet I refused to give in

So here’s what I did:


The Dress Before (I'm wearing it with a belt)


The Final Product

Here’s How:


2.5” White elastic -(enough to around your waist)

1 Dye for natural fabrics – I used Dylon Cold Water Dye #22 “Sahara Sun”

1 Cold Water Dye Fix- optional, read package instructions of dye to determine whether or not you will need this

1 Dye that can be used on nylon and/or lycra – I used Dylon Multi-Pupose Dye #33 “Kingfisher Blue”

Fabric – Measurement: 1.5x your hips and the length is completely up to you


The first few steps (mostly just involve dyeing) are in the gallery below, click on the images to make them bigger. After I cut the fabric I followed steps 3 to 8  from THIS tutorial to attach the elastic. THIS is another good tutorial on how to make an elastic waist skirt w/ pockets.

*Note: my skirt is not the same as in the tutorials because I only had the fabric from the original dress, which did not measure 1.5x my hip measurement. This meant that fabric wasn’t very wide so my skirt was more narrow and not as gathered and free flowing as the ones in the how-tos. (unfortunately)


4 thoughts on “To Dye For

  1. So judging by your last two posts, I’m starting to think that your target demographic has changed to something that dosn’t consist of the male sex?

    Next on the list of DIYs… reversible boxer shorts! Feasible solution…?

  2. I’m backward…I would have totally made the top portion into the empire top of a maxi dress. Maybe would have made the bottom into a tote…but I love your idea! Cute color choices too!

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