Milk and Cereal or Cereal and Milk?

When I was traveling in Haiti I remember my grandma making the remark that she thought it was weird that I would pour my cereal into my bowl first followed by the milk. She said that she always did it the other way around. I was flabbergasted! Milk then cereal? Whaaaaa??!?!

I have decided that this phenomenon is due to the fact that Haitians don’t watch an insane amount of tv as we North Americans are prone to do. As a result the average Haitian child isn’t bombarded with images of a certain Toucan Sam announcing that neon coloured loops are part of a complete breakfast while pouring milk on top of them.

What say you? milk and cereal or cereal and milk? This may just tear the world apart. Especially with these three mofos singing about it:


2 thoughts on “Milk and Cereal or Cereal and Milk?

  1. You fool!
    The reason you pour your cereal into the bowl first isn’t because we’ve been bombarded by media. Its because that’s how you measure how much your going to eat! Maybe in Haiti, they’re more concerned about how much they drink? Last time I checked, it’s a lot hotter down there. Your faith in the human race is very low! It’s that kind of trivial attitude that is tearing the world apart. You can’t blame everything on TV!
    We are smarter than the media, although I admit we don’t always show it! Another valid point you seem to have so willingly overlooked is that we’ve been taught to pour our cereal in first by people that we most likely idealised way back when.

    So maybe I’m just copying my old grampa’s technique of pouring the milk onto his puffed oats. Some of my fondest memories of him and I. And where did he get that technique you ask? Well it certainly wasn’t TV. Those skape-goat boxes wern’t even a dream when he learned to pour milk onto his cereal.

    A little faith is all I ask Benny. We’re not all as bad as you think.

  2. Daaang Nick…..

    I go cereal then milk because that way the cereal gets coated evenly in the milk also, I find that if I put my cereal into the milk then the cereal floats and that it throws off my cereal/milk ratio.

    Maybe this is because of T.V., or maybe this is because of my grandpa, I really don’t know….

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