Still Travellin’

Side note:

The voltage here is different and my computer keeps zapping me. Dangerous?

Travel Do’s:

– Wear the most comfortable clothes you own.

– If you have a long lay over, definetely get a pedicure

– That baby that won’t stop crying on the airplane? Don’t send evil stares at its parents, he’s probably crying cause the cabin pressure is killing his ears.

– Do keep the PDA to a minimum. Planes are close quarters and nobody wants to see that.

– If the airline offers free booze, take it.

And more importantly here is a list of Travel Dont’s:

–  DO NOT wear shoes that are too small. Yo.ur feet will eventually feel like they’re about to explode

–  Don’t sit in the middle seat, your row mates will be armrest hogs and you’ll be squished like you’ve never been squished before.

– Don’t sit next to old people, they ask a lot of questions.

– Don’t try to pet the drug-sniffing dogs.

– Don’t sexually assault the flight attendants, no matter how hot they are. They have the ability to make your flight hell, don’t tempt them to do so.


4 thoughts on “Still Travellin’

  1. Benny Etienne lookin’ fine as usual. What a great idea my dear filmmaker friend, excellent editing job i might add, i will of course stay tuned! Happy adventuring 🙂

  2. Your mothers script couldn’t be better if you wrote it yourself! Benny: “What else is out there mom?” Mom: “Many diffrent varieties of them!”
    That lady just cracks me up!
    Keep it up!

  3. I also wanted to comment on the DO’s and DON’T’s of traveling.
    DO ask for your booze ASAP, it’s always free when going international, and as for those PDAs… guess why they hand out blankets!
    In your case Benny… to cover your eyes!
    I agree with mostly everything on your Don’t list. I was just wondering what you did to the flight attendant!?!?

  4. great music at the end. how is the snow at the americas mall? is it warm! where are you staying in guadeloupe. how is the food? any interesting place to visit on the islan. fe yon ti reklam pou yo. tanpri mete kek bel foto, nou fret bo isit la. fredi ap kale, voye foto lanme, bel sab, zandolit, mabouya. many thanks for the videos. keep them coming.

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