So This Is What Happened.

Sidenote: I just told a lady I don’t believe in god, she proceeded to cross herself. I’m pretty sure she would have thrown holy water at me if she had any near by. She’ll just have to remember for the next time she comes across a heathen.


3 thoughts on “So This Is What Happened.

  1. I….Freaking….Love….YOU.

    The whole yadda yadda yadda made me laugh so much, it made my day… it really did. Thanks a lot i needed it

    That’s not the only reason i love you, the whole video thing is SUCH a great idea, I’m glad you’re keeping busy and making it so much easier for me than reading — i mean sure i will read your blog entries but Imma be the first in line for a youtube video…

    miss you like crazy chica.
    take care and be safe !

  2. I’m with Jaii! Youtube video was awesome! Love the camera work, very professional. The map scenes showing your journey with the red lines was pretty impressive.

    Your mom’s line delevery is also quite funny. A little more camera shy that yourself.

    Keep posting!

  3. anfom, neg and i had a good laugh. ki jan guadloupe ye? isit la fredi ap bat nou. neg t ap fe pasgeti pou megan. li ban m yon ti goute tou. hope all is well. keep the videos coming. great job. love, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX0000000000000

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