The VIFF is here and I need to catch up.

Long time no post. My life has been very Chaos In The Printshop-esque (try to figure out that metaphore). So the VIFF’s been happening since October 1st (it’s on till the 16th) and I’m volunteering this year as usual. People have made remarks pointing out that I volunteer a lot and I must be a pretty awesome person. This is only partially true and I am only partially awesome. Sometimes I volunteer for very selfish reasons such as free entry into the Folk Fest and free access to movies at the VIFF (livin’ frugal, anyone?). Here are the films I have seen so far, I’ll do my best to write my opinion/review of at least a couple of them fairly soon (don’t expect too much):

One Man Village
Wah Do Dem
The Maid
Happiest Girl in the World
Porgy & Me
Soundtrack to a Revolution
Pandora's Box
Ashes of American Flags: Wilco Live

Friday I’m planning on seeing:

Sweet Crude

It’s a bit much, I know, but that’s nothing compared to some people. One guy had seen 30 movies 3 days into the festival. Besides, my class got canceled.

On a much more relevant note, here are my lastest observations:

Shoelaces are annoying.

It’s actually quite hard to live in the moment.

People who read over your shoulder on the skytrain are also annoying.

The weather is Vancouver is bipolar.

Shoes that are too small for my feet are very painful and yet I were them anyways on a regular basis.

The name Penelope comes from Odysseus’s wife, Penelope who would chase aways unwelcome romeos by weaving a tapestry during the day and undoing it during the night. On the basis that she would not get remarried until the tapestry was complete. It also means a woman who is loyal, smart and cunning (source: my mother, Florence Etienne).

The list of “possibly related post” that’s “automatically generated” at the end of my posts are almost always wack.

I don’t know if anyone actually reads my blog but if you do, I thank you lone reader wherever you are out there in cyberspace.

One Love.


One thought on “The VIFF is here and I need to catch up.

  1. No thank you (for keeping me entertained when I should be writing an essay) and you are fully awesome, the people who volunteer only to be helpful are dinkz

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