First Day of School

First Day of School
First Day of School
        Shirt  - American Apparel
 Skirt  - Joe Fresh
Tights - Ardene's
Shoes  - Converse
                    Book   - Voltaique by Sembene Ousman
       Picture Taker - Ben Etienne

Behold my first day of school outfit. Or should I say first night of school, since all of my classes at BCIT are in ze evenings. I was kinda iffy about the belt since I dont like anything animal print (I’m not even really sure why I bought it) but I’m working on doing things I wouldn’t normally do.

Monday nights I have Graphics 1, which is “NOT a computer based course” as the course description says. I actually took this class by accident. I’m working on becoming a film editor so I’m taking a bunch of non-film-editing related course (cause that makes so much more sense) at BCIT this year. Actually, the reality is that film editors today can’t just know Avid and Final Cut. We must be well versed in all things post-production, including photoshop, indesign, illustrator, after effects, etc. Hence, going to BCIT for now until I apply for Humber in Toronto next year.<— I have this annoying habit where I feel the need to explain the back story to every situation.

Anyways, back to Graphics, I took it by accident and I’m not sure how I ended up choosing it. I think it may have been on the same page as the majority of my other courses in the course catalogue. Or maybe I just got sucked into the lure of the word “graphics”, thinking I would learn how to make cool 3D objects do cool 3D-esque things (like explode or fly) on a mac. Boy was I wrong. Turns out it’s all about graphics in the sense of the way different forms of media are pieced together, what their components are, what techniques to use, it covers”everything from typography and color to layouts” etc. So once I reread the course description, got the textbook, and realized what they class was really about, I figured “meh, might as well try it, I might just learn something useful”. Good decision on my part as my teacher turned out to be midly hilarious.

First, he showed up late. It was a serious relief when he finally did show up cause the class was getting more and more awkwardly silent as the minutes ticked by. At one point, I was convinced our teacher was sitting among us and that once the silence got unbearable, he would suddenly stand up and make some random point about how awkward social situations and Graphics have a ton in common. Thank god I just have an crazy imagination. Turns out he was late cause he went to the wrong classroom, but from then on it was smooth runnings with a dash of chaos. The rest of the 3 hours went by really well, I won’t bore ya’ll with the details. But I can say that it involved charades, a lime green tube, and a few chuckles. So far, so good. Now I’m off to decide what to wear on day 2 of school….


One thought on “First Day of School

  1. DAMN! Lookin’ fiiine as usual. I really like this book thing too. Reminds me that I need to start reading again. Also, your class sounds fun!

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