Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

“Life ain’t fair, stay in school.” My pops just offered me that bit of wisdom (which I know he got from some economics book) and he couldn’t be more right. Do you know one of those people who literally has a cool factor of +1000? You know what I mean, those folks who somehow just manage to atract awesomeness and make every situation work out for them. Who never have to worry about finding a job, cause people are actually calling them to let them know they have positions available. People who are offered great opportunities like “oh, come work in my awesome little boutique, just cause I know you” or “come photograph the special events at my upscale downtown restaurant, just cause I know you” or “come and model for this international clothing campaign, even though you’re not actually a model you just happen to be good looking, and cause I know you”. I live with one of those people, ‘nough said. Ya’ll can guess where and why this rant is coming from. Seriously, what’s a girl gotta do to get a bit o’ luck? Anyone know a leprechaun that I can bribe? In all honesty, I know that I am lucky too. I was gifted in the….uh…..wait, what the hell am I good at? Oh ya, I can work a spreadsheet and make cute colourful budgets like it’s nobody’s bidness. hooray for moi.


One thought on “Rant

  1. Hahaha “work a spreadsheet” I think that WE should make a B-dizzle rap video for your new hit “Work That Spreadsheet” g-g-g-g-get down wit yo budget gurl! Then they’ll be calling YOU.

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