Jesus Loves Me But God Hates You

How much longer will mankind use religion to justify war? Assuming that anyone were right to kill for their fate, what kind of god would condone ending a fellow human being’s life? And yet, religion is still the excuse used today for many conflicts, whether it be between Ethiopia and Somalia, Israel and Palestine,Tutsis and Hutus… Religion is a man-made institution, it’s rules and holy books are written by man, imposed by man, and kept up by man. Man however, continues to insist that he is following God’s word. Really? Can you prove that? Can you prove that the man you’ve killed in battle deserved to die, can you prove that the children who have lost their parents, and the parents who have lost their children deserve it? Is it right because they do not share your religion? Are they suddenly less than you because your faiths are different? Do they not have hearts, bodies and souls just as you do simply because they do not pray to the same god, or read the same holy scriptures? When will you stop trying to convince yourself and others that religion justifies all wrongs? I highly doubt your god would approve.


One thought on “Rant

  1. And if there’s only one “god,” that means that theres a fucking lot of people who are gonna be disappointed when the die..and probably regret the way they lived their lives.

    Religion allows actions to become excuses for the “devine.” People who look at the sky when walking the earth can’t see the beauty or the chaos around them. How can the world improve when people place faith and love in an illusion, but not in humanity?

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