Livin’ Frugal Tip #2

Fru·gal (fro̵̅o̅gəl) adj.: economical in the use of money or resources; thrifty; avoiding waste. Basically, cheap as hell.

TV? Isn’t that like my computer with less options?

Is your ass still paying for cable? Seriously, forget that. If you’re anybody who knows anything, you should be watching your favorite shows (and movies) on the internet by now. If you haven’t heard, there are plenty of websites were you can watch tv. The perks? No commercials! That alone should have you throwing your boobtube (what is with that expression?) out your 5th story window. The downsides mostly include low quality and slow streaming time. But if the wireless connection you’re jacking from your neighbours (one more way to save money) is fast enough and you don’t mind squinting a little (besides, some shows come in HD anyways), you should now be able to use your TV set as a trusty bookshelf/plant stand/modern art piece/a statement against the world of advertising.

Remember, there ain’t nothing wrong with being a cheap motha*watchyourmouth!*. It’s a recession bitches.
– Benny


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