MicroPlace: Invest Wisely. End Poverty.

Here is a great website that I found, the concept is simple and anyone can do it and truly make a difference.


Who are we?

MicroPlace is a social business owned by eBay. We want to alleviate global poverty by offering investments that enable loans to hardworking poor people.

What’s a social business? It’s a financially sustainable company that has a social mission.

How does it work?

A loan of a $20 can allow a poor woman to start a business and work her way out of poverty. In many countries, organizations that function like banks make loans to the poor. These organizations need funds to lend to the poor. Your investment helps fund these organizations. And, they are willing to pay you a return for the funds you invest. You can fight poverty and get your money back with interest.

Why it works?

Microfinance is one of the most effective poverty alleviation tools around because:

  • Microfinance is a hand- up not a hand out. Empowering people to help themselves is an effective way to fight poverty.
  • When you give to charity you give your money away. When you invest your money, it compounds while it is invested and is available to reinvest at maturity. You will always have money to help a poor person start a business

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